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I've been blogging for nearly three months now. Though it hasn't been very long in the grand scheme of life, I cannot imagine myself blog-less. Writing new posts has become one of my absolute favorite things to do. So when you read this post and you look up at the title and wonder what "it" is, "it" is my life. Over the past three months I've experienced great joy from starting and improving on my blog. Like Chania Girl over at Living Happiness, I have learned a lot as a new blogger. I've learned a lot about blogging. I've learned a lot about people. I've learned a lot about myself. I've surprised myself with how much I've learned in such a short time, and I've really been awed by the world a blogging, a world I'd heard of but never before visited. Perhaps it is the niche my blog is in, but I've encountered some really great, inspiring things as I've made my way through this new found world. Not only have I been surprised by what I've found in others' posts, but I've been quite startled, at times, by what I've found in my own. Blogging, I've discovered, is filled with surprises. And I, for one, love surprises! I love coming across an idea and realizing it would make a great post. I love coming across new posts that make me think about the world differently. I've learned so much from this experience (and it's been only three months!) and I am grateful for that.

This morning I went back and visited my very first post, positive and present (such a creative title, I know!), which I wrote on February 15, 2009 (or, rather, it was in the middle of the night on February 14, 2009 -- Valentine's Day -- which I think is particularly funny because I do love this blog quite a lot). It was so interesting to read it, knowing what I do about blogging now. First of all, I noticed that I didn't link to the two sites that inspired me to start this blog -- Think Simple Now and The Happiness Project (sorry, Tina and Gretchen -- the links are up and running now!) -- which is a major no-no. Though I didn't link to them originally, I realized what an impact these two blogs had on me. Never before had I thought so much about happiness or blogging. These blogs were truly, miraculously inspiring, and I cannot thank these two enough for pushing me in the direction of starting my own blog.

The next thing I noticed when reading back on my first post was how much I still agreed with it. Even after all I've learned, the words written there continue to be the foundation of this blog. They speak to me the very same way they spoke to me then. They also make me realize how far I've come in terms of my personal happiness in a very short time. I went from thinking, "Okay, I should start this blog to try to help myself be happier" to creating posts I love to write, meeting new, awesome bloggers, and diving headfirst into the wonderful posts of others. I research happiness now. I think about it. I do my best to embrace it. I'm certainly not Ms. Happy-Go-Lucky all of the time, but I've made a lot of progress -- and I still have so much more to learn.

Reading my first post reminded me of why I began writing this blog -- to find ways to cultivate happiness in my life. I've done this, but I had no idea how much the blog itself would generate happiness. Blogging -- writing posts, revising posts, reading posts, commenting on posts, receiving amazing support -- really does make my life better. Of course, this is just me. Blogging, for others, might be a pain. It might be a chore or an annoying thing to add to the dreaded To Do list. It might be something that's fun every once and awhile, not something that brings complete and utter joy. But for me, it is wonderful. I get to do what I love most -- writing -- and I get to write about whatever I want. I've chosen a niche and topic that keeps me focused on being positive in the present moment, something I've been needing to do for years, and that really helps make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Whether or not you have a blog, whether you love it or find it just okay, take a look at the reasons I love blogging so much. Maybe you can relate...or maybe they will inspire you in some way...


The Benefits of Blogging

  1. Doing what I love.

    I love, love, LOVE to write. When I created this blog, I gave myself the opportunity to write every single day. AND I gave myself a place to write about happy, positive things. No longer am I hiding behind my tragic nonfiction tales or spending hours and hours writing about sadness in my journal. Now I'm here, embracing positivity, and sharing it with the world (or, at least, with my loyal readers!).

  2. "Meeting" new people.

    I've been blessed with some great, loyal, wonderful readers. Thank you all for being so supportive and for coming back to the site again and again. I love reading comments and I love finding new blogs through my own. Not only have I discovered new blogs in my comments sections, but I've also actively gone in search of new and interesting blogs. I've learned so much and gained quite a few online friends, who make my world a happier place (as do my real-life friends and family who are also loyal readers -- love you guys!).

  3. Exploring different ideas.

    Creating this blog has helped me find new and different ways to think about the world. As I've mentioned countless times, I was the queen of negativity. I could see anything in a negative light and, clearly, that wasn't working so well for me. I was unhappy. I was making other people unhappy. Now that I'm focusing on living in the positive, present moment, I'm looking for the good in everything. I'm thinking about how I can turn situations into posts. I'm thinking about how I can embrace the negative and spin it around and around until it's positive. I don't know if I would be giving this much thought to positivity if it weren't for positively present!

  4. Learning more about technology.

    Establishing domain names. Inserting images. Managing comments. Receiving link love. Retweeting. Stumbling. Creating links. Man, I'm learning a lot about blogs, the internet, computers, and websites. I can guarantee you that without this blog I wouldn't be on Twitter. I wouldn't know how to properly link to another website. I wouldn't have the skills that I do now. I've learned so much from experience, from trial and error, and also from other bloggers who have been kind enough to offer very helpful advice.

  5. Opening up to the world.

    As you may have read in my post "unlock 10 ways to be more open," I'm not the most open of all the people in the world. I have trust issues. I'm scared of people for a lot of reasons. But this blog has REALLY helped me open up. I say things about myself that I wouldn't normally say. Because I am better at writing than communicating verbally (ask any of my exes if you want confirmation on that one!), I feel that I can connect better with people -- including people I see on a daily basis -- through my blog. I feel more open but somehow less vulnerable (and maybe this comes from all of the great support I get!).

  6. Sharing my insights with others.

    As I mentioned in #5, I'm not all that open in general, but I feel that this blog is such an excellent venue for sharing my thoughts and ideas with the world. I get to be me, but not me. I get to open up and tell others what I think and they can read it at their leisure (or not). It's great to put my thoughts out there and have readers comment, saying, "Hey, me too!" I find it so uplifting to be able to share with others.

  7. Feeling connected to a niche.

    Though I'm not entirely sure what my niche is (and I think this is because the niche I'm in is so broad and open-minded), but I love it. I love reading the blogs that are similar to -- and also so different from -- my own. I love learning new things relating to happiness and I also love coming across a post on the very same topic that I just posted on. I feel individual yet connected and this is a wonderful feeling.

  8. Believing in my purpose.

    I don't know if this blog is my life's purpose. I'm not sure if I know exactly what my purpose is, but I do know this: I've always wanted to be a writer. People would ask me, "What do you want to write about?" I would fumble about, uncertain. A few years ago I concluded that I wanted to write something that people could relate to. I wanted people to get it, to connect with me, and to really enjoy reading what I write. This is happening. I am feeling connected with my readers and, from what I can tell, people enjoy this blog. I am living with a true purpose now.

  9. Developing myself personally.

    You've seen this happening right before your eyes. I am growing, changing, morphing into a much better, happier, more open person who really does her best to live in the present moment. For those of you who know me, you know this isn't always me. I'm not always happy and I'm not always in the moment. But every single day I am getting better, happier. I really do believe that this blog has helped me grow as a person. Already I feel like I've grown so much and it's only been less than three months!

  10. Remembering to be positive and present.

    The most important benefit, for me, is embracing positivity in the present moment. Though I can't always do it, I am doing the best I can to follow the mantra "live happily ever after now." Happily ever after isn't some distance fairy-tale future for me. There's no white knight or cheesy love story to bring me to the ultimate state of bliss. Happiness is right now, and every single post I write reminds me of this.

I hope you enjoyed reading why I enjoy blogging so much and, for those of you who have blogs, I hope you can relate to some of these benefits. I rarely ask my readers to take action, but today I am. I ask you, both readers and bloggers, to take a few moments to stop and think about blogging. If possible, I'd love to hear your insights. Every little comment makes me a better blogger, and writing comments makes you a better blogger or reader too. A win-win situation!


If you are a blogger:

Go back to your very first post. Re-read it. Think about it. What have you learned about blogging since then? What are the benefits YOU get from blogging?

If you are not a blogger:

Revisit your favorite blog. What do you like about that blog? How do YOU benefit from reading blogs like this and others?


Thanks in advance for your comments. I know it's the weekend so I may not get a ton of feedback (this whole idea seems a bit backward to me -- don't people have more time on the weekend? I guess I'm still learning all of the blogging kinks!), but whatever you can contribute would be wonderful. Not only will your comments help me grow as a blogger, but they will aid in the development of all the other bloggers reading this post. Share the blogging benefits love!


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There are too many statements in this post that ring with true with me for me to cite them all or name a favorite. Let's just say, you almost got a few "Amens" out of me (can't help it ... part of growing up in a Pentecostal church). I enjoyed reading so much about your experience and your honest telling of it. Inasumuch as you are getting so much out of blogging, you are also giving so much back. I, for one, have felt very blessed to have your support encouragement in this first month of mine. Think of all the others who must feel the same way about you. I'm sure there are many.

If it's okay with you, I would rather not go back and look at my first blog post. It's still too soon. :) I think it might scare me back into my shell. :)

For now, let me just say how happy I am to have met you in this community and I am very much looking forward to seeing more of where this journey leads you. Your posts are honest, open, and inspire me. Well done.

I'm really grateful for your decision to begin blogging! I've been on my own journey of self-discovery, spirituality, and happiness since my big move back to the U.S. last August, and I can't tell you how many blogs have helped me reach the point I am now. I owe a huge 'thank you' to Gala Darling's blog, where I discovered yours, and to your blog as well. Your daily posts keep me going at work and really inspire me to keep at a positive attitude. Keep it going! I'll be reading even if I'm not commenting (in fact, I've never commented so much on a blog as I do on this one).

p.s. I forgot to say thank you for the shout-out. Thank you!

Love this post. I have been blogging for just a little over two months now and I feel the same as you. It has been a wonderful learning curve from the technology perspective, and I love how it has made me even more in tune with the present moment. Not only am I experiencing life for me, but I am also experiencing it from the perspective of what might be interesting to share in a post. Also, I love how writing a blog forces me to go deeper and transform a simple thought or idea into what it really means to me. I think that is a huge personal benefit to blogging. Also, I love the community aspect of blogging. I think of my bookmarked blogs as friends and I look forward to sitting down at my computer each morning to greet them and see what they each have to say that day. Your blog is one of my favorites and I am very grateful for the "positively present" posts you bring us each day! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

P.S. Love the title of this post, too!


I looked at my first post. I learned two things:

1) It's boring.

2) It needs some rewriting.

But I do remember being very excited about posting it. :)

I get lots of benefits from blogging, but the biggest benefit has been connecting to bloggers like you.


I tend to not want to look backwards either like Chaniagirl...I am afraid I will cringe so much that I will set off on a deletion crusade...which I don´t want to do.

For me the most important thing is what blogging allows me to learn about myself. Writing down and photographing things (especially my clutter) makes it more real and also makes me think.

I have also only been blogging a relatively short time however am inspired by so many bloggers to want to improve my blog and my writing and ultimately myself!

Very cool. I actually started my personal development blog about two weeks ago, but I had another BizSkoolblog, which is my graduate school blog, and I agree, you learn so much from blogging. Like you, I think my love for writing is what's gotten me to get up every morning and write something. The other thing my blog has done for me is connected me to potential hiring managers for a full time job. I actually even wrote a blog post on What MBA students can get out of blogs. Great post as always.


p.s. Thanks for the link :)

Chania Girl - I'm glad you related to the post! As a new blogger like me I thought you might feel the same about a lot of the points I made here. :) It's so good to know that I'm also giving back while still getting so much out of the experience. It means a lot to know that I've encouraged others because I have felt so encouraged by them as well. Haha, I understand why you might not want to go back to your first post quite yet, but it is an interesting thing to do. I thought I would find mine terrible but I actually enjoyed it. I guess that's what happens when it's only been a short while since I wrote it! I'm so happy that I have met you too and I really appreciate your comments and your overall support. You encourage me to keep writing! :) PS - You're welcome for the shout out!

La - Aww, that made me smile! I'm so happy I started blogging too. I feel like it's so great for me and, in the process, I'm making other people happy too. What could be better than that? It makes me feel special to know you don't often comment on blogs, but you take the time to comment on PP. Thank you very much! It really does mean a lot to get such encouraging, positive feedback from readers like you. So glad you found PP through Gala Darling! :)

Jodi - Thank you for your comments! Sounds like we're in about the same place, blog-wise. It's been so great so far, hasn't it? Maybe it will all change and become more of a chore, but, for now, I really do love it. I love sharing experiences and thinking about things differently. I love reading others' blogs just as much as I love writing mine. Overall, it is so fulfilling and it's great to know someone else enjoys the experience (and my blog!) too. :) PS - Glad you like the title. It was originally "the benefits of blogging" which I decided was too boring.

Roger - I agree that the biggest benefit has been connecting with other bloggers. It's so funny to look at my comments and go, "Oh, there's Roger!" or "Oh, someone I don't know!" It's funny how, after only a short time, I sort of "know" people. Thanks for taking the time to back to your first post and give me your feedback. I think mine could use a little re-writing too (but, to be honest, I think all of mine probably could because I write them so quickly and don't do nearly the amount of editing that I should... someday I will though!).

RML - Haha, that's understandable. I'm usually not a fan of going backwards. Focus on the present! :) It's great to think more about your life and I think blogging really does help us do this. I find that I'm more conscious of the world around me and I strive to be in positive situations that will lend themselves well to be written about on my blog. Thanks for commenting!

Srinivas - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I've heard of a lot of people who have multiple blogs. It's interesting how there are different niches and probably different ways each niche handles blogs. I think almost every topic in the world can (and probably does) benefit from blogs. PS - You're welcome. Even though you're just starting out with this new blog, it's wonderful. I really enjoy reading it!

Your're absolutely right! Running a website is such great joy. I write about awakening, and I encourage people to write and blog, because it helps make us present. Many people worry that they can't write well, and to them I say that you'll be surprised how quickly your writing improves.

Expressing love through writing, making new friends, exploring, learning, opening, and I would add that it deepens the awakening experience.

Thanks for the insights!

Kaushik - That's great to know that you've had the same wonderful experience that I've had. Writing often on a blog definitely helps me stay more present, which is wonderful. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

You wrote exactly about why I blog. And I giggle about the learning technology...I just made a huge blog overhaul and it was pretty overwhelming...but I learned a lot! You prompted me to go back to my first bad! I actually didn't start getting any comments for weeks. I have learned to be a better writer, a better person and it has made a huge positive impact on my life.

Caroline - Oh, I'm definitely in the same boat, comment-wise. I didn't get ANY at first, but, funny thing is, I didn't care. For me, the blog started out as something to do for myself. Only recently did I really start getting into comments and all of the technical stuff which, surprisingly, I'm loving. :) Thanks for commenting.

What an inspiring post. Not only is it awesome to see that you've gotten so much out of blogging but what you're putting out there is giving everyone else so much too!

I definitely resonated with the benefits of blogging you outlined. Probably the 2 things I've been pleasantly surprised about blogging is how open everyone is and also the connections I've made with other like-minded bloggers. Both unexpected but amazing.

Sami - So glad you liked the post. I've also been pleasantly surprised by how open people are too! :)


I commented on your post here before. But I wanted to just send you one more comment because my blog post today is about paying it forward to other bloggers, and you've already helped me quite a bit by commenting every day. So, you're on my list of three people I can do something for today :).

Well I think blogging is amazing. In a year, you would not believe how much I have changed. I never thought of it in the way you wrote it, but 'researching happiness' is just what it is! I have always tried to be as positive as possible on my blog (sometimes easier said than done) and it has changed my life. You've made a great start in blogging :)

Srinivas - Thanks for the additional comment! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I think your idea about paying it forward is a great one.

Penny - I agree -- this type of blog is like researching happiness on a daily basis. It really helps me be more postitive in my life. I wish I had an "old me" blog to show my readers how different my thinking has become. Perhaps I should just start a blog and post all of my old journal THAT would take some courage!

I totally feel you on the "meeting" people thing. I have friends that I met through blogging that are some of the most amazing people I know! And I've never met them! Crazy!!

Hayden - I love how you put it. I've met some of the most amazing people -- but I've never met them! It's crazy but it's pretty awesome. :)

From one newbie blogger to another, hello! I just found you through your guest post at Through the Illusion ( ).

I really enjoyed the post and what I've read here so far. Now, you're on my reader and I'll see what else you come up with!

Hope you make it a great day!


Suzanne - So glad you found me! I'm so happy to hear you like the post and the blog. Thanks for the comment!


Let me say how happy I am to find such an upbeat and positive filled blog! I found you via Chania Girl's blog and I'm grateful. For years I lived just existing, never truly living until Hurricane Katrina. Now I Choose Bliss daily. Yes, it is a struggle at times, but I'm growing and learning.

Reading wonderful blogs like yours helps a great deal. :)

Tabith - I'm so glad you found the blog and enjoy it. I'm not sure if you've checked out my "About" page yet, but being positive doesn't come naturally to me. It takes a lot of work but, like you, I'm learning more every day and I find that this new found positive outlook has my world SUCH a better place. :) Thanks for coming by PP!

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