wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are
negativity is unnatural

why positive? why present?


"Why would you want to devote an entire blog to one state of mind? What can you really write about positivity?" a friend of mine asked yesterday. Initially I wanted to write these questions off, shaking my head and thinking, Some people just don't get it, but after giving them some thought I realized that these questions could push me to be even more present and conscious of my actions. These questions made me ask myself,  Why do I write about positivity? Why do I believe that there's so much to say on the topic that I can devote an entire blog to it?

For me, there is one true, underlying reason to why I write about being positive in the present moment and that is to keep me thinking positively and to keep reminding myself to be present. The foundation for this blog is pure selfishness. By writing often about positivity and knowing that I will need to post frequently, I am forced to think about positivity in all aspects of my life. I am forced to look for ways to embrace a positive, present state of mind and this means I am thinking about the world differently and noticing things I might not otherwise see. In addition, I am drawn to books and articles and other blogs that focus on living positively, which only adds to my own growth and knowledge.

All selfishness aside, I also truly believe that living positively is of the utmost importance and the reason I believe this is because I have spent so much of my life not living positively. In addition, I have spent the majority of my time thinking about the past or dreaming about the future and, as a consequence, I have missed out on a lot of time that I could have been living in the now. Because I believe I have wasted time thinking negatively and thinking about the past/future, I think it is very important to share whatever knowledge I come across with others. Whether I am sharing a personal story, an arbitrary insight, or discussing a recently read book, I hope to enlighten the minds of others with new and interesting ways to think and be positive, right now. Prior to starting this blog, I read a lot of blogs about happiness and living positively. I gained inspiration and strength from them, as well as invaluable knowledge, and I hope that I can share some of my own insights and suggestions with others.

Rather than focus on happiness, I have chosen to focus on positivity. What's the difference? To me happiness is a state of mind that happens periodically. You are happy when you first fall in love. You are happy when you win the lottery or get a raise. However you can be positive all the time. Whether you are experiencing happiness or sadness, you can still be positive. Being positive means seeing the good in situations that may seem bad. Being positive means embracing and accepting your life for what it is rather than striving to achieve an ever-fading happiness. Happiness is temporary; positivity is a state one can be in constantly.

I have also made a choice to focus on the present, which I believe is a very essential aspect of this blog. After reading The Power of Now, I realize even more how important the present moment is. It truly is the only moment we ever have, and, for that reason, I believe it is vitally important to embrace and accept it. In living positively, I believe we are making the most of the present and, therefore, making the most of our lives.

Writing this blog isn't always easy. There are certainly days where I don't feel positive at all and I wish I could be anywhere but the present, but writing about positivity and the present moment actually helps me to focus on what will benefit me in the long-term. Sure, it might be easier to slip into a depressive state and spend hours and hours harping on the past, but that does me absolutely no good. Thinking negatively and thinking about elements of life that are completely out of our control (like the past or the future) serves no purpose other than to encourage sadness, anger, and confusion to make a comfy home in your mind. I do not want those feelings to stay; instead, I want to focus on seeing the good in life and realizing that the moment -- even the moment that is painful -- is the only true moment I have.


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