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what a fun way to present the list! I was caught up in "love," and can't seem to get past it, so I don't have a new one for you. Just wanted to say I liked this post a lot.

Cookies! :D

This is a great list. I love the first-- Make Believe. :)

Big fan of the cookie addition. Nice.

A great list you have here. Many of them are my favorites site as well, the difference is my favorites blog list inculded you in it.

I do like Believe alot, a wonderful post.
Thanks for sharing.
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action.


I agree that one of the biggest problem in life is making time for truly important things. Many people just coast on auto-pilot and then wonder where their life went.

Thanks for the link!

Megan - I'm glad you liked it! :) Making love (literally or figuratively) is an awesome one to get caught up on!

Meream - So happy you enjoyed it. I really like make believe too, but it was actually the hardest one to find a link for and I still don't think the link I chose quite fits. I'm trying not to let the perfectionist in me get crazy about it! ;)

Nelia - Yes, I love cookies too! I think they're a very happy thing to make.

Giovanna - Thank you! Your comment made me smile. :) Make believing is a great thing to do...I especially like it when it comes to happiness. Sometimes you have to make believe you are happy and the happy will come to you.

Roger - You're welcome! And I totally agree. So many of us are stuck on auto-pilot that we forget to make time for the things that are truly important in life.

What a fun list! Let's see... what can I think of.

Make music.
Make some noise.
Make a baby!
Make breakfast. I love breakfast foods.
Make it up as you go along.
Make your own path.

Vi - Wonderful ideas! :) After I'd put up the post, I thought about "music" which is one of my favorite things so I'm so glad you mentioned it. I love your other ideas too - especially the last two. Those are brilliant!

Oh how cool! Isn't great going back to old journals? I was re-reading one from 1992 the other day (holy cow, who was that insecure girl???). It's amazing to see how we dealt with problems and to see how much we have grown and changed.

Anyway, what wisdom you had back in 1995. Great list!

Caroline - Yeah, it's really cool to go back and see what I've written -- how much is the same and how much has changed. It's really enlightening actually! Glad you liked the list! :)

Great list! Some I know (and like very much) and the ones I don't I'm going to check out - thanks for sharing.

I was trying to think of something to "make" and then one of the most difficult things for me to make up popped up: my mind! ;)

I love, love, love the title of your post! Will be thinking of making some of these things this week :)

another fabulous list ~ deep and humble bows of THANKS!

on this beautiful Memorial Day, i'm off to make MeMoRiEs.

i send you all that is good.

Laurie - That's a GREAT one. A lot of people have trouble making up their minds. Good thinking!

RML - So glad you liked it! I was very happy to come across it in my old journal!

Another Lisa - I hope you're making lots of wonderful memorial day memories! :) Making memories is a great one for the list!

I loved the line - your childhood self is not different from you are striving to be. I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but being childlike as an adult (as opposed to naive and gullible) is quite an achievement. And the comment above about making babies made me laugh :D

Albert - Thanks for drawing attention to that line. It's really interesting how we are supposed to grow up but, in a sense, we all want to be free as we were when we were children. I was a pretty depressive little lass, but I definitely had some hopefulness in there and I'm glad about that. The "making babies" comment cracked me up too!

Make breakfast! Make a cat purr :-)
I love this!

Michelle - Great ideas! I love the idea of making a cat purr. It's so cute when they do that. Also (since I have a dog) it could be "make a dog's tail wag."

Great list. It's funny because my friend and I were driving and he was asking me "is there a way you can consistently feel good when you start to feel bad." I think I'll have to send him this list.

You have always been a wise soul, haven't you? You found this list in your 13-year old self's journal? Wow.

How about "Make nice"?

LOL -- I had to laugh at "make a baby!"

(Thanks for the link love!)


Thanks so much for stopping by my site today! You've got such a great thing happening here--what a wonderful message. I'll be back for sure : )


There's so many options and I like the way you framed them.

Srinivas - You should definitely pass it along. He might find it interesting! :)

Kirwin - I suppose I have always been a bit of an old soul! Make nice is a great one! Making babies is definitely funny. Haha.

SSG - You're welcome! :) I loved visiting your site -- it was great. Hope to see you back again soon!

JD - Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it.

I dread reading my old journals. I love this list though!

Melissa - Glad you liked the list! :) I'm actually really enjoying it. It's both a good and bad experience, but I'm definitely remembering a lot!

Love the title, love the list.

I'm not brave enough to go through my old journals just yet.

Kaushik - So glad you liked it! It's definitely not easy going through the journals, but I'm finding out a lot of interesting things about myself. Someday, when you're ready, you should definitely do it!

Make music and make time are two of my favorites!! I'm glad to be reminded constantly the importance of being in the Now. Thanks for the post and the reminder!

Evelyn - I think those are my favorites too! Music and time are so important in my life -- as is being in the now. I'm glad I can help remind you and others to stay in the now. The blog definitely helps me to do that too!

Hi Dani,

This is a wonderful list of things to "make". And I especially love your concept of making time for ourselves - how important this is - and something I've only fully began to realize in the last few years.

We could also "make up" - as in make up with someone we've had an argument/disagreement with...

Lance - That's a good one! We could all use a little more making up in our lives. :)

Make brownies! But seriously, that is an AMAZING list. Make love, make music, make sense? Be still my heart.

Hayden - Brownies! Yum!! :) That's a great one. Making anything edible and delcious is fine by me!

Dani~ This is such a fantastic list and I am honored to be included. It's inspiring how you provide such amazing content and devote time to honoring other people's work, as well. Thanks for what you do!

Lori - Thannk you! :) Your blog is great so it's an honor to include you on here!

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